Blower door test at a recently certified LEED for Homes project.

Blower door test at a recently certified LEED for Homes project.

Celeste has been working in the green building industry for over twelve years. As a LEED-H AP and Green Rater, she has extensive experience working with the USGBC's LEED for Homes program, with a special focus on multifamily and low impact design. Celeste has assisted as the rater and consultant on over 5,000 units and is very knowledgeable about the green building programs and energy benchmarking required for many municipal and federal programs. Celeste currently works on the Con Edison Multifamily Energy Efficiency program as an outreach advisor. Celeste can assist as a designer, consultant, technical specialist, project manager, or rater on your green building project. She can also assist with tapping into many of the incentives available for energy upgrades and renewable energy conversion.

Green building services

  • Project management

  • Indoor air quality

  • Energy efficiency

  • LEED certification and consulting

  • Green rater services

  • Design charrettes and goal setting facilitation

  • Technical advisor

  • Renewable energy

  • Material selection

  • Federal and state incentives and tax credits

  • Design and submittal review

  • Construction site training

  • Onsite inspection of green system installation

  • On site testing and commissioning of systems

  • Rooftop gardens

  • Natural building techniques and implementation

  • Training of team members

  • Operation and maintenance manuals (tenant and management)

  • Project profiling

  • Award applications

  • Grant writing

  • Presentations and outreach

  • Motivational speaking