Waste reduction projects

Celeste has been working in the waste reduction and diversion world for over a decade. She has helped track and reduce waste on construction sites, at the home, and in office settings. She has conducted waste audits, given lectures on compost, and worked extensively with the public to educate on recycling and diversion techniques.


NYC sanitation organics rollout

In 2016 Celeste worked with the NYC Department of Sanitation to help them with public outreach when rolling out their curbside organics collection programs. This program worked with neighborhoods in Brooklyn and Queens to educate building and business owners, along with residents about the nature and importance of the curbside composting program. 


Presentations and workshops

Celeste has given dozens of presentations and workshops to groups ranging from 1-50 professionals on waste reduction and diversion strategies, as well as zero waste techniques and composting. Ask about having her host a workshop or presentation near you!


waste audits

Celeste has assisted with a number of waste audit projects ranging from single family homes (such as the home pictured on the left), to schools, to multifamily building, and districts. Conducting a waste audit can be a great way to get a handle on the waste accrued by certain activities and develop an action plan to reduce this material down the road.